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Tinkhare are monsters based on rabbits. Their name is a portmanteau of "tinker", somebody who repairs and adjusts something, and "hare", an animal from the same family as rabbits.

Biology Edit

Tinkhare have soft, white fur all over their bodies. They have long ears that resemble sandbags and have similar weights. Fur on the sides of their faces are notably messier then fur on the rest of their face. They have small, bushy tails as well. Tinkhares are notoriously short creatures, reaching a maximum height of 2 feet on average. They also tend to keep their weights low to maintain agility around the workplace. Engineering Tinkhares, which composes of more than half of the total Tinkhare population, have a global uniform that is composed of green welding goggles, an orange scarf with green dots for breathing protection, a loose sleeveless gray shirt, and tight blue shorts. Tinkhares are born with only one natural arm, which is bad news given their job. To remedy this, Tinkhares can either craft or purchase a mechanical arm (PAW-003). This arm has a rounded golden shoulder enchanted with a magical aura, allowing it to be easily installed to a Tinkhare. Once the arm is installed to a Tinkhare, it is near impossible to remove. The mechanical arm works like a regular arm, and even more. The arm features a programmable pivot and piston that allows the Tinkhare to do repetitive or precision-based tasks automatically. The mechanical arm also features an extendable fist that it can use to grab objects beyond the normal reach of the Tinkhare. Tinkhares usually paint the fist to their preferred color. The mechanical arm is steam-powered, and it can be seen visibly releasing steam under stress. Tinkhares are attached with a new arm at about 4 months old. Tinkhares would upgrade this arm as they age or to suit their needs.

Tinkering is second nature to Tinkhares. Tinkhare cities are large, advanced societies, thanks in part to Tinkhare ingenuity. Tinkhare cities can reach kilometers in diameter, and is mostly composed of housing and vegetable farms. Steampower is their dominant power source; most of the sounds of the city is from steam pressure being released. Tinkhare cities are properly lit 24/7, and are able to maintain tolerable temperatures for all seasons. Tinkhare architecture incorporates a lot of spacious balconies to allow Tinkhares to jump from building to building easily, as well as cushions woven from grass to reduce sound. Tinkhare houses are built big and tall enough to house an average Tinkhare family of 30 people.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Tinkhare culture varies from society to society. Tinkhares have numerous predators, and though they can usually defend themselves well enough thanks to their technology, societies more commonly under attack tend to be more pessimistic and hostile to non-Tinkhares. Otherwise, however, they are friendly creatures. Certain Tinkhare societies even offer hotels for foreign Tinkhare or small non-Tinkhare creatures to stay in for the night. Tinkhares are incredibly energetic, jumping about both day and night, the sounds of their clanking arms filling the air. They typically sleep for one to two hours every night before bouncing back to tinkering again.

The most notable ability of a Tinkhare is their building skills. Their hands and feet are nimbles: their hands specifically can hammer 30 times per seconds, and switch between nails even faster. Below is a list of Tinkhare creations.

C-RR0T automaton. The Tinkhare builds a Carrut (technical name is C-RR0T AUTOMATON MK. 2.3) quickly using any metal it can find. This is the Tinkhare's main line defense. Numerous Carruts can be seen all over Tinkhare cities.

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