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The Taktak is a monster based on the crab. "Taktak" is an onomatopoeia of the sound it makes with its pincers.

Biology Edit

Taktaks have two pairs of pincers for hands, and, for male Taktaks, one of which is significantly larger than the other. The Taktak is protected in a thick yellow exoskeleton which protects its softer parts, including its eyes and mouth, and has 6 jointed legs to move. Taktaks can usually grow as tall as 0.6 meters.

Thriving on shores, the Taktak feeds on sea creatures smaller than itself such as fish and clams, the latter of which it can easily break open thanks to its powerful pincers. Male Taktaks fight with their massive claw over a potential mate to show their dominance.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Taktak, for the most part, is a rather passive creature, skitterring along beach sands looking for food to eat. The Taktak usually looks for food near the shore (next to the sea), burying its claw in the sand to serve as an anchor, as the Taktak can not swim. One has to exert a lot of effort to provoke the Taktak. When it does become hostile, it will perform the following.

Pincer. The Taktak unhinges its claw, than pincers an enemy in an attempt to cut it in two. Male Taktaks uses its large pincer, which is slower but more powerful.

For defensive situations, it does the following.

Crab shield. The Taktak strengthens its exoskeleton through sheer force of will, gaining up to twice its original durability and also repairing any damage. This ability requires that Taktak to remain motionless for a few hours, however, depending on the damage sustained.

Sand scatter. The Taktak scoops a claw-full of sand, then throws it a foe's eyes in an attempt to blind it and make at an escape.

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