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The Scorch is a fire elemental monster based on a charcoal vase. Its name refers to the act of burning a surface to leave a mark, referencing its fiery nature.

Biology Edit

A ceramic, fire-proof vase serves as the Scorch's body. Spouts of violent flames fire from cracks on both sides and the bottom of the vase. The flames from its side acts as its arms, while the flame underneath it is used to propel itself and levitate. Inside the hollow vase are dozens of enchanted charcoal that burn eternally (even under rain) and serve as the Scorch's energy.

For as long as their vase bodies hold and as long as there is at least one peace of charcoal fueling the blaze, the Scorch is an ethereal being. When the vase breaks completely or the last charcoal is removed, the Scorch is immediately defeated, disappearing in a puff of smoke. They are feared creatures, and their appearance is said to bring bad omen involved with fires. In reality, catastrophes that follow their appearance are entirely coincidental, especially considering that they can usually be found at volcano bases.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Notoriously malevolent creatures, Scorches are destructive creatures. They have no boundaries on what they wouldn't burn down, and are dangerous to approach as a result. Thankfully, they are rather easy to defeat, as the vase is easy to break. When a Scorch senses that its vase sustained serious damage, it will flee in terror.

Scorches have the following abilities. The intensity and power of these abilities are determined by the number of charcoal pieces in their vase, reaching a cap in power at 24.

Pyrokinesis. The Scorch is able to manipulate any nearby fire, "reusing" it, in a sense. The Scorch's body is a natural fuel-source, ensuring the fire lasts forever.

Ember toss. The Scorch digs into the coals on its head with its fiery "hands" before lobbing the piece at a target at an incredible velocity. The ember is unimaginably hot, igniting the air it flies through as well as any flammable surface it collides with.

Fireball. The Scorch forms a sphere with its hands, ccreating a rolling fireball in between. The Scorch then arcs back before throwing the fireball at a target. The fireball explodes upon colliding. The Scorch can toss a barrage of fireballs in quick succession.

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