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Rial is a legendary monster based on the Sobek. "Rial" is derived from the gharial, a crocodile-like animal.

Biology and history Edit

Rial is a well-built, reptilian creature. He has long snout with a mouth bared in sharp teeth. Half of his muscly arms is still covered in the mystical bandages that sealed it centuries ago. His back is lines with a column of sharp spikes. His attire includes a purple and gold cloth headpiece, a golden neck, a brown leather belt that holds two pieces of gray cloth that serves as it's lower body wear along with a purple and black strip of cloth in between. He also wears a pair of leather shin guards as well as leathers sandals.

Rial was the original pharaoh, and is the father of Nubis and Garude. Rial has powers over both life and death, able to create and destroy life in an instant. Though originally a decent rule, over time he became a tyrant with his power, smiting anyone who goes against him, whether for good or for bad. Nubis and Garude decided that, since their father is immortal, the only way to stop his reign is by sealing him. After a long and grueling battle, Nubis and Garude were able to ensnare the pharaoh in a bandage similar to that used to seal Entombeds, only much stronger. Rial was silenced and buried deep into the sands. For centuries, the desert experienced great prosperity and peace under the rule of the two brothers. However, it is only a matter of time until the villainous Rial comes back to enact his vengeance...

Behavior and abilities Edit

Rial was once a well-respected pharaoh, thanks to his general kindness and intelligence in his rule. Over time, however, he became unpleasant; he started executing his own soldiers to show an example to the rest of them. He became a dictator to his kingdom.

Rial's power over both life and death are deemed mythical and godlike. In battle, he can perform the following.

Pain grip. Rial extends its arms at the enemy, attempting to put a curse on it. If successful, the curse rupture's the enemy's mind, causing massive headaches and shutting down of certain mental capabilities for a few minutes.

Zealous arms. Rial commands the corpse of its past soldiers to rise from deep underground at an uncanny speed. The revived soldier regains its original skins and organs, however it has no memory of its past, and will blindly follow Rial's orders. The soldier also wields its original spear, and is able to competently fight.

Sand tempest. Rial extends its claws outwards before performing a full, quick spin to ravage nearby enemies.

Composition shift. Rial can convert himself (or part of him) into nearly anything (usually sand to blend in with his environment) and can revert anytime. Rial can still move around while in the converted state. Rial usually uses this ability to move around or dodge enemy attacks.

Fury. When desperate for power, Rial can offer its immortality to gain near unstoppable power, gaining total control over life and death as well as gaining power and speed. Physically, Rial's muscles are strengthened, his spike grows twice its original size, and Rial grows a massive tail. Rial can not regain its immortality.

The following ability can only be used after Fury.

Tail crash. Rial rushes recklessly towards its enemy before crashing its tail at its foes, attempting to knock them back.

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