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Nightstings are aquatic creatures based on sting rays. Their name, "Nightsting", is a combination of "night", referring to their dark appearance, and "sting", referring to the stingers that sting rays have.

Biology Edit

Nightstings are aquatic creatures. They have long, snake-like bodies covered in a slippery, dark blue skin. They have a snouted head with a pair of black eyes with yellow iris. Their mouths can be seen at the bottom of their snouts, containing a pair of crimson fangs. Four tendrils extend from the top of their heads, each tipped with a green barbs filled with the Nightsting's poison. Their two arms have a large flap of skin connected to it. Their hands have two crimson-nailed fingers each. They also have a tail with a larger green barb of poison attached to it, similar to those on its head.

Nightstings are carnivorous underwater hunters, thriving in deep waters. They hunt solo at night, because of their nocturnal nature. Their eyes and poison barbs are luminescent, meaning they glow under darkness.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Nightstings are aggresive creatures. At night, they are relentless hunters. During daylight, the Nightsting buries itself in sand before sleeping.

Nightstings are able to perform the following abilities.

Triggersting. This ability is only performed by the Nightsting when it is in its sleeping state during the daylight and buried in sand. When it senses a threat, it reflexively lashes its 5 stingers and strikes the threat, attempting to deter it from disturbing it again. The Nightsting does not wake up unless the threat aggresively striked it or threat either disturbs it again.

Shadowblur. The Nightstings moves swiftly in a serpentine pattern at a target, appearing like a blur. This ability tires the Nightsting when used repeatedly.

Vampiric fang. The Nightsting swiftly bites on a living target with its crimson fang, attempting to feed on its blood. The Nightsting feeds quickly, able to suck a target dry of its size in a few minutes. The Nightsting does not use the blood for sustenance but rather to perform more Shadowblurs.

Death toxins. The Nightsting stings a target with any or all of its stingers, attempting to deliver a fatal dose of poison to the target. This poison, when successfully injected into a target, instantly stuns the target. Afterwards, the target's senses would shut down quickly, one by one.

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