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Mercs are aquatic creatures based on the fictional merfolk of mythology. Its name "Merc" is derived from "merfolk", the fictional creature it is based on. It is also derived from "mercenary", referring to its soldier-like characteristics.

Biology Edit

Mercs are humanoid aquatic creatures. Their bodies are separated in two - an upper, white, more humanoid half and and a lower, cyan, more fish-like half, though the Merc itself is completely aquatic in nature. They have a long snout, opposite of which is a crest that improves its movements underwater. Their mouths are lined with sharp teeth. Their mouths have a pair of long, orange tendrils with sharp spikes at the end. These tendrils serve as extra limbs for the Merc, and are quite strong. Mercs breathe using gills on their necks. Their entire bodies are covered in scales, though scales on their wrists are much more noticeable. Their hands have three, sharp-nailed fingers each. They have a fish tail for their lower half.

Despite their barbaric appearances, Mercs are actually intelligient creatures, and are advanced enough to build and maintain underwater civilizations. Mercs, though considered to be apex predators, are omnivorous in nature, preferring to feed on underwater plants and docile, slow-moving fish then hunting large game.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Underwater Merc cities are advanced civilizations, with their own agriculture, economy, politics and military. Merc citizens have defined classes that are assigned to by either their ancestors or the higher-ups. Builder Mercs build homes for their brethren using the marble that can be found everywhere in the ocean floor. These homes serve as shelter for Merc families, and can range from small bungalows to large-scale castles. Farmer Mercs manage farms of underwater plants, and are the main source of food for the villages. Warrior Mercs serve as the city's military. Physically adept Merc children are drafted to undergo training for both physical combat and elemental combat. Warrior Mercs are tasked to defend the city from potential threats and act as city's police. The Merc government manages the city and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. They generally reside in the middle of the town in a grand marble castle.

The average Merc is adept in both physical combat and kinesis over water. Their combative abilities include the following.

Aquatic cross. The Merc crosses its arms before clawing forward violently in a cross pattern, attempting to severely wound or outright defeat the target/

Merc Combat. The Merc uses the tendrils on its face to grab a target. The Merc then attempts to pull the target closer to it. When the target is close enough to the Merc, the Merc ravages the target with its claws, alternating between its left and right arms. Afterwards, the Merc strikes the target with its tail, attempting to knock back the target. Thanks to the Merc's improved stamina, The Merc can perform this ability again immediately.

Tidal strike. The Merc winds back its clenched fist. The Merc then manipulates the water around their fist to whirl around it violently. The Merc then punches a target with its empowered fist, attempting to stun a target.

Torrents. The Merc manipulates a large amount of water around a target before commanding it to crush the target. This ability can be cast quickly, and can affect multiple targets.

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