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The Longhorn is a bipedal monster based on cows. Their name "Longhorn" refers to the long, powerful horns that define the creatures.

Biology Edit

Longhorns are typically fat, bipedal creatures. They have blue skin, chubby faces, thick hooved arms and legs and a large, exposed gut. Strands of hair can be seen growing from their heads. Longhorn body hair, on the other hand, typically grows on their chest, appearing like clothing on adult Longhorns. When readying for battle, they don a wooden helmet on their head. For their main equipment of choice, they carry a large slab of stone with a carved handle at the back. Every Longhorn helmet and shield is marked with the Longhorn's symbol with the use of blue dye harvested from special forest leaves. For offense, they wear a large, wooden cestus on their right arm.

Longhorns are omnivorous creatures. They are notoriously gluttonious, with Longhorns tribes being very destructive to a forest area's ecology. To make sure they have enough food for the tribe, Longhorns typically raid Boor camps and communities.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Longhorn tribes can be seen deep inside forests. Longhorns are nomadic creatures, leaving their old location when food is running ow. Longhorns are territorial and would drive out any non-Longhorn that enters their tribe area, outright attacking when the invader is a Boor.

Longhorns are trained to be proficient in using both their massive shield and their wooden cestus.

Charging phalanx. The Longhorns raises its shield forward before charging forward, attempting to knock back all enemies it collides with. Longhorns would typically stand side-by-side with other Longhorns for a devastating attack.

Wood hammer. The Longhorn reels back before clobbering a target with their wooden cestus.

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