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The Kamen is a monster based on the ancient Egyptian soldier, as well as caimans. "Kamen" is derived from the real-life caiman.

Biology Edit

Kamens are green-skinned, bipedal, reptilian creature. Kamen wears a strap of leather around its body which serves as its spear sheath. They wear two gray clothes as lower wear which are held together by a leather belt around its waist. They also wear a pair of leather sandals.

Kamens were the loyal soldiers of Rial. However, they have all died out because they are merely mortals, in contrast to Rial's immortality. Despite the cruel reign of Rial, they have remained loyal to him, defending the pharaoh with their spears.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Kamens are intelligient creatures, almost the same level as that of humans. They are disciplined in the way of the spear, knowing to show mercy when possible. Rial, after his lust for power consumed him, however, commanded them to not yield in battle, setting their minds to only kill.

Kamens are able to perform the following spear techniques.

Lancer. The Kamen dashes forward a short distance before rushing its spear to stab the enemy.

Sweeper. The Kamen aims at the enemy's feet before sweeping an area in front of it, attempting to knock down the enemy for further attacks.

Javelin. The Kamen winds back, then throws its spear to hit the enemy.

Gallery Edit