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The Jumper is a monster based on a kangaroo. "Jumper" can refer to both its ability to jump tall heights like a kangaroo and jumper cables, a type of electric cable, referring to its affinity with electricity.

Biology Edit

Jumpers are typically somewhat tall, skinny creatures with brilliant multicolored fur. They have cyan fur as their head hair, pink fur on their snouts, yellow fur on their abdomen and waist areas, and red fur on their tail. Their colored fur are decorated with zigzag-striped black fur, which makes up their entire upper body and partially their lower body. They have scarred blue eyes that flash a strong blue light when they use their electric abilities. They have polygonal ears that can both either significantly suppress or magnify sound. Jumpers usually reach average heights of 5 feet and weigh 50 kilograms.

Jumpers can be seen thriving in outback areas. They are typically passive creatures that spend most of their waking days caring for their young or gathering edible plants to eat. Evening Jumper fights are quite the spectacle to watch with all of the brilliant streaks of light and electricity crackles.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Jumpers are notoriously dangerous creatures to fight one-on-one, thanks to their great physical brawling abilities and their electric affinity. They are ruthless and would often chase down fleeing foes.

Jumper abilities commonly combine both their physical and elemental abilities for powerful results. At any time, the Jumper can charge its fist and feet fur with electricity to empower its attacks.

Rising lightning. The Jumper crouches down before delivering a quick and powerful, electrically-charged uppercut to a target, knocking up and stunning vulnerable foes. The Jumper leaps as it rises to maximize potential damage.

Discharge. The Jumper winds its arm back before releasing it forward to deliver an electrically charged punch. Upon collision, a large cone of electricity is released outwards from the fist, shocking and possibly stunning the target as well as enemies behind it.

Static strafe. The Jumper strafes in a direction to avoid incoming attacks. Electric discharge is visibly released as the Jumper move about, delivering a painful shock to beings that touch it.

Groundhouse. The Jumper winds its leg back before spinning to deliver a powerful kick, generating arcing electricity around the leg as it spins.

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