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The Jujurat is a monster based on the rat. "Juju" is derived from the West African word for luck. Bad juju is used to refer to bad luck, which is the focus of the Jujurat's magical powers.

Biology Edit

The Jujurat is a scruffy, purple-furred, semi-bipedal monster. Two spectral pink wisps stem from the back of its head and its messy tail. It has sharp claws on its hands and legs. It has a pair of sharp incisors, and a black nose. Below its eye is a black mark that appeared because of its dark element. Jujurats are usually around a feet tall.

The Jujurat is an eternally cursed creature, traced back generations and generations. Because of this, it does not need to feed or sleep. However, it has lost its mind to the being that cursed it, forever serving as its slave.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Jujurat's only purpose in life is to harvest souls for its controller, viciously attacking any target that comes close.

The Jujurat can perform the following attacks.

Sinister skin. The Jujurat is surrounded by an invisible negative aura. Contact with the Jujurat contracts a weakening curse. The wisps on its head and tail have a similar and more powerful property.

Vermin leap. The Jujurat gets down on its fours, than leaps forward, claws first. The Jujurat can leap a distance up to four times its original size.

Incisors. The Jujurat opens its mouth, then bites an enemy, injecting it with a similar curse to Sinister skin. This ability is usually done after performing Vermin leap.