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The Joltty is a monster based on a jellyfish. "Joltty" is derived from a combination of the words "jolt", referring to its electricity-based abilities, and "jelly" from jellyfish, the animal the monster was based of.

Biology Edit

The Joltty is a squishy, boneless, aqua-colored marine monster with 8 tentacles. They have a large, bloated forehead with a slightly bluer complexion, with a signature yellow lightning mark. The Joltty has two stiff, yellow conductors as "ears".

Joltties feed on solar energy, going up to the surface to seemingly "charge" themselves. Joltties have little enemies thanks to their plethora of electric powers oftentimes scaring off predators. Joltties lay electric-charged eggs which keep themselves warm as long as they are in contact with other electric-charged eggs. The static of the eggs keep them warm.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Groups of Joltties can usually be seen near sea surface, charging up themselves. Joltties will oftentimes not attack unless they are harmed. When they are, however, they will not hesitate to use their electric-based attacks to either make their enemies flee or drop dead.

When in battle, they will perform one of the following.

Tenta-zap. The Joltty charges its tentacle with a massive amount of self-generated electricity, then slams it at an enemy, discharging all of it on the target. The attack is so volatile that it will oftentimes leave the enemy stunned for a while.

Kilosurge. The Joltty similarly charges its tentacle with a roughly similar amount of electricity, but rather than slam it an enemy, it lashes it at an empty area in front of it, like a whip. The electricity is discharged in an area in front of it, reducing its power but increasing its range, usually hitting more than one enemy at the same time. The electricity is also more easily conducted, spreading faster than normal.

Shock orb. The Joltty creates a single ball of unstable electricity with its 8 tentacles, than releases it. Upon collision with an enemy, it bursts, intensifying the volatility of the shock and also its size.

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