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The Jaw-o is a predetory aquatic monster based of sharks. The name "Jaw-o" is derived from "jaw", a shark's most prominent feature.

Biology Edit

Jaw-os are powerful marine predators. Their black bodies are covered in small, rough scales that may cause wounds upon contact. They have a large, rounded snout with a pair of nostrils. These nostrils are not used for breathing, as Jaw-os have gills for the purpose, rather it was used to smell for prey. It doesn't need to inhale the scent, as the scent entering their nostil is sufficient. They have seven fins - two front fins, a dorsal fin (the fin has a half-circle cut for males only), three dorsal fins and a tail fin. Red splat marks can be seen on their head, their tail and their front fins. Contrary to their appearance, these are not blood; they are simply marks. A Jaw-o's mouth is lined with sharp, white teeth with one single gold teeth. Jaw-o jaws are powerful, able to break bones with ease. When pursuing prey, it folds its fins to lessen water resistance when going against current.

Jaw-os hunt for their food. Jaw-os form packs, but they do not hunt together. Instead, each Jaw-o hunts a different target, then they pool their catch. Jaw-os who failed to hunt anything are kicked out of the pack. The male Jaw-o who caught the most would mate with the female Jaw-o who has also caught the most. Male Jaw-os who caught less would mate with female Jaw-os who caught less, and so on.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Jaw-os are downright aggresive predators of the sea. A single Jaw-o can take down monsters that are much larger then it.

Jaw-os are able to perform the following abilities when hunting and taking down prey.

Hunting sense. A Jaw-o's most powerful hunting tool is its nose. It can detect both cold-blooded and warm-blooded creatures alike from roughly 10 miles away. When a target is bleeding, the range is boosted to 20 miles.

Bloodthirsty pursuit. Upon whiffing blood, Jaw-os enter a frenzied state. The Jaw-o's fins fold into its body, then the Jaw-o swims towards its target with incredible speed, appearing like a torpedo and moving almost as fast. The Jaw-o can maintain this fast speed indefinitely until either it reaches its target or it is defeated before reaching it.

Lunge. The Jaw-o opens its jaw before lunging forward, attempting to either capture its target in its mouth or kill it outright. Jaw-os usually perform this ability after Bloodthirsty pursuit to give it the extra distance it might need when chasing prey.

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