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The Gemnist is a monster based on a mix of gemstones and a mage. "Gemnist" is derived from gem, the object it is based on.

Biology Edit

The Gemnist is made entirely of a specific kind of gemstone. There are different variations of the Gemnist; there are emerald Gemnists, sapphire Gemnists, ruby Gemnists and so on. All Gemnists have a smooth, shiny head, and have numerous spikes on their shoulders. Gemnists have two claws on their hands.

Gemnists do not need to eat nor drink, and have no heart nor brain, making them rather immortal. This is offset by how extremely rare they are, only appearing at extremely deep cave passages.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Gemnists are intelligient creatures, possible even smarter than humans. They are capable of speaking, and usually spend their days experimenting with all sorts of magical gemstones to obtain and use their magical properties. They do not fight unless they feel that they are truly in danger.

The Gemnist's magical powers are able to heal wounds.

Brilliance. The Gemnist draws energy from itself, radiating a bright aura from its hands. The Gemnist than transfers this energy to the recipient, accelerating the wounds' recovery rate tenfold.

In battle, the Gemnist has two primary options: to either attack and or defend.

Enchanted gem. The Gemnist uses psychic powers to fire a magical gem from the Gemnist's body. The gem, though sharp, does not puncture or pierce, and does not hurt those hit, rather a spectral gem can be visually seen sticking out of the enemy hit. The gem has a magical property, though, in that, if another gem is thrown and it strikes the previously hit target, the previous gem detonates, exploding and blasting the enemy with a magical power.

Prism shield. The Gemnist erects a magical prism shield from the ground, blocking nearly all attacks. The shield is nearly indestructible as long as the Gemnist is actively keeping it standing.

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