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The Fiendol is a monster losely based on the deity idol. "Fiendol" is derived from a combination of "fiend" which refers to their malevolent nature, and "idol", the object it is based on.

Biology Edit

Fiendols are green, wispy, ethereal spirit creatures. They are contained within a specially crafted magenta pot and sealed with a magical rune. The rune serves as the Fiendol's nucleus and source of its power, and serve as

The pseudo-gods of life, Nubis and Garude, realized that their immortality comes at a price; the unfortunate death of their hundreds of loyal servants. To overcome this problem, the brothers sealed their servant's souls into decorative ceramic pots upon their death to serve them eternally. Garude also gave them psychic powers to have a better time in temple defense.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Fiendols remain motionless within their pots until they are commanded by the life and death brothers. When they are commanded, they erupt from their pots.

Fiendols are able to do the following when they detect temple trespassers.

Psychic beam. The Fiendol's rune briefly glows a faint green, then it fires a narrow but long-ranged beam of energy in an attempt to stun its target.

Seal. The Fiendol's rune briefly glows a bright pink, then it fires a spectral star-stamped orb which, upon collision, renders the enemy unable to perform most magic abilities for a short time (though highly experienced mages are able to break the seal).

Self-destruction. The Fiendol's ultimate move, it voluntarily removes its star-stamped rune which triggers a chain reaction within its body, causing a powerful explosion in a large area. This ability is forcefully performed when the rune is destroyed or removed. The soul sealed within the Fiendol is lost forever.

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