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The Cheloknight is a monster based on the sea turtle. Its name, Cheloknight, is a combination of "chelo" from the Greek word Chelonii meaning turtle, and "knight", a medieval warrior.

Biology Edit

Cheloknights are bipedal amphibious creatures. Unlike most other shielded creatures, the Cheloknight evolved to use its shell offensively, with its arm shells forming powerful cestus-like fists and gauntlets for one-on-one fighting, while its head shell becoming fit for stronger headbutts. As a result, the blue-colored shell on its arms and backs also evolved to be flimsier and more fit for movement than protection, appearing more like a suit then a shell. Cheloknights are surprisingly fast, able to dodge attacks skillfully, especially underwater. The shell on its arms and face can be temporarily withdrawn to improve aquatic movement. Its belly is its greatest weak spot, and Cheloknights take extra effort to protect it from enemies. An easy way to tell a Cheloknight's age is to check the white spots on their arm shells - the more spots, the more worn-out the Cheloknight's shells has become.

Cheloknights are herbivorous creatures that typically feed on seaweed and algae that grow under shallow sea waters. Occassionally, they go to the surface to gather coconuts to eat. Gatherer Cheloknights often headbutt coconut trees for their fruit to fall before cracking them open with their fists. They also go to the surface to lay eggs by digging up a hole and burying them in sand for incubation. When the eggs hatch, the offspring Cheloknights would head back underwater to fend for themselves. Cheloknights live comparatively shorter lives to their non-fictional basis, living only an average of 30 years.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Cheloknights are intelligient creatures, able to non-verbally communicate with other monster species. Cheloknight communities typically have a king (the oldest male) and queen (the oldest female). The rest of the Cheloknights serve the king and queen, protecting them from danger. Upon a monarch's passing, the next oldest male or female would replace the deceased king or queen, respectively.

Cheloknights are trained in combat from birth, and are known to be able to perform the following fighting moves.

Clobbering whirlpool. The Cheloknight spins in place, striking nearby enemies with its arm shells. The Cheloknight spins faster while underwater.

Chelo combo. The Cheloknight enters a defensive stance with one arm raised to its eye level and the other arm at stomach level. While in this stance, the Cheloknight patiently waits for the enemy to make a move strike it. When the enemy does attack, the Cheloknight quickly dodges or parries the attack before delivering a headbutt to stun the foe. The Cheloknight then delivers a flurry of jabs before knocking the enemy back with a palm strike. The Cheloknight then re-enters its defensive stance.

Withdraw. The Cheloknight strikes forward swiftly before knocking itself back to a safe position.

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